July 15

4 Risks of Do-Nothing Digital Marketing

Customer hopes are changing every day. When it comes to digital marketing, your business may be relaxed with maintaining the minimum (you have a website and Facebook page). Doing the minimum (or nothing at all) will soon leave you scrambling to keep up with the competition. Not to mention, a Covid-19 threat that has businesses “pivoting” to meet their customer’s needs or dying on the vine. The digital environment is moving at an astonishing rate. Not preparing your business for market conditions and changing expectations could have a devastating effect on its future growth.

The good news is there’s no better time than now to start doing something. If you’re still suspect on digital, consider these pitfalls as agents of change:

1. Competition is Chasing Your Customers

Your competitors have always been coming for your customers, but now they have an advantage. They’re acting digitally. They are embracing cutting-edge technology that will position their business for success over the long run. With the right online marketing tools, they can attract and retain customers seamlessly. Customer pressures will continue to shift. The best advice is to shift with them.

2. Less Efficient Means Less Effective

Your marketing team needs to be efficient and effective in order to succeed. Fast, agile campaign implementation across channels shouldn’t just be a luxury in digital marketing anymore. It is essential for creating great customer experiences. Empower your marketing team with the modern marketing automation tools needed to implement campaigns swiftly. The change will not only improve acquisition and engagement but also help you save on efficiency, which will likely make you effective!

3. Human Capital Attrition

(subtitle)This means losing your top managers to competitors. Old technology does not attract professionals on-the-move. Today’s workforce is competitive and marketing talent will be looking for an environment that helps them be both nimble and efficient, leaving sufficient time available for developing new ideas.

4. Customers will Always Want “Latest” and “Greatest”

Today’s digitally shrewd customers have choices. They want fast, easy, and convenient experiences. They want to be thrilled and connected with relevant content across multiple channels. It won’t be easy to satisfy them, and it will take endless improvements. Bottom-line; if you don’t grow with technology, your competitors surely will.

Matthew Koenig is the principal of Last Call Marketing, which devotes their efforts to Digital Marketing, Website Development, Content Marketing, Social Engagement and SEO, primarily in healthcare and tourism concerns. Mr. Koenig is based out of South Florida. 

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